Q. What do you use to draw?
A. I use the very sophisticated setup of the Sketchbook app on my phone and my finger to draw.

Q. Do you have sponsors?
A. Nope. Anything mentioned on my blog is something I use and love and highly recommend. No monetary or any other kind of compensation whatsoever.

Q. Then, why do you mention brand names or labels in your recipe posts?
A. I thought it'd be helpful to list exactly what I used in order for people to best replicate my recipes. Have you ever painstakingly followed the directions in a recipe only to have it fail spectacularly? I have and I've always wondered if it were the ingredients that were the problem. As I've mentioned in my Green Tea and Black Sesame cookie recipes, I use European-style butter because of the fat content. Not all European-style butters are created equal; I've tested a lot of them (constrained by what's affordable and available in my city, of course) and my favorite for baking is Kerrygold because it doesn't spread my cookies out too much, compared to other brands. I have no relationship with Kerrygold and I doubt they even know who I am. I just love their butter!

Q. What about your ads and affiliate links?
A. The tiny amount of money from ads and affiliate links go towards giveaways.

Any other questions, feel free to email me at yangjanice [at] gmail [dot] com.