June 17, 2014

My Thinking Room

I've been going to my Thinking Room a lot lately.

Probably because I've been doing a lot more writing than usual.

Whenever I feel stuck with my writing, or need to let a first draft sit, I head to my Thinking Room to let my thoughts percolate.

It seems to make the juices in my brain more potent.

More so than when I'm at my desk. For some reason.

Maybe because my Thinking Room is comforting.

There's no pressure. Just me and my thoughts, whatever they may be. Marinating together.

After awhile, a few thoughts might start sticking together to form some brilliant, coherent sentences.

The brilliant part might be an exaggeration.

Then I get excited and hope I remember everything when I'm done and back at my desk.

Because this is what I do in my Thinking Room:

It's not the best setup for remembering my thoughts.

Cause, you know, other business is happening at the same time.

But I'll take it.

Sometimes, though, the toilet is not enough, and I have to go to phase two:

I don't know why I drew myself looking cute in the shower.

I am vain even when cartoonizing myself.

This is a much more accurate depiction:

And if all goes well, by the end, I am chanting a litany of keywords to help my brain remember my stream of consciousness.

Because my memory is a faulty box. It is extremely unreliable and doesn't know how to do its job well.

Grumble grumble.


Enough about me.

Where do you do your best thinking? Do you have a Thinking Room?

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