July 16, 2015

Only in NYC. OK, and maybe LA.

I was driving down McGuinness Blvd. in Brooklyn last Thursday when I noticed that there was a crowd around the gas station where I sometimes get my gas.

There were police officers, police cars, lots of bystanders, an ambulance, and of course, lots of rubbernecking from the cars in front of me.

My first thought was alarm, that something terrible must've happened at the gas station for so many emergency vehicles and personnel to be surrounding it. "Was there a fire?" "Did something blow up?" "I hope everyone is okay and safe." "Uh, I hope the emergency is over 'cause if something else happens right now, there's a lot of people here that could get hurt."

But then the traffic moved a little bit, I drove a few inches forward, and my view expanded:

It was a setup for a movie or TV show.

Only in New York will I think I've happened upon something dire only to find out that it's part of a movie.

Any other New Yorkers experience this? Or, Angelenos?

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