December 8, 2015

Back Pain + Acupuncture + A Very Chinese Question

I hurt my back last week.

It rendered me useless.

This is my acupuncturist:
He really does look like this. When I showed this 
drawing to my mom, she immediately knew who it was.

Dr. Chen's very good at what he does.

(I went through a lot of acupuncturists before finding him.

Okay, my mom did.)

Unable to deal with the pain on my own, I spent Saturday in his office.

Some of his diagnostic questions were:

"Where does it hurt?"

"How did you hurt yourself this time?"

"What are you limited in doing?"

"Are you married yet?"

My reaction:
Is there a correlation between 
being married and back pain?

In my head anyway.

I didn't want to rile the person who'll be sticking needles into my lower back for the next few weeks.

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