December 5, 2017

Happy One Month, My Love!

One month ago today, I welcomed a little Piglet into my life, and it has been quite an adventure so far.

I joke to my friends that I now have a newborn.

A joke. But, true.

I've had a steep learning curve full of panic attacks, wondering if I'm going to be a good enough parent for Piglet, feeling overwhelmed by everything, fear that I might be ruining her and someone else could do better by her, feeling intense joy when I look at her, feeling proud whenever she does something that surprises or delights me, and feeling so much love + happiness whenever I watch her do her thing.

This must be what parents feel, right?

And, I'm still learning about Piglet every day.

She likes apples.

She snorts when she plays.

She doesn't care for cucumbers.

She likes to follow me around the apartment.

She doesn't like to be pet on the top of her head.

She's very curious.

She likes to play tug-of-war. With everything.

She's smart.

She likes to lick my feet. Well, she likes to lick everyone's feet.

She's lazy.

She loves to play with other dogs.

She loves children.

She's mischievous.

She has a quota on affection. And I respect her boundaries.

She likes food but isn't motivated by it.

Unlike her mom.

Sometimes when she's eating, she'll stop, come over to me, give me a slobbery kiss, and go back to eating her food.

It melts my heart every time.

I love our morning cuddles.

I love how she burrows her face in my armpit to sleep.

I love how she always wants to be near me.

I love her excited frolic.

I love her pant face.

I love how she sometimes scoots to me so that we're touching.

Having a dog is like having a child.

A child who's 3-years-old and can't communicate her needs and frustrations.



She's not perfect. She chews up my stuff. When she wants something, she will let it be known. When she's angry, she expresses it. And sometimes it scares me. She's been aggressive. And I'm scared for her. There are behavior issues we need to work on. But Piglet is who she is and no one is born perfect. She's been through a lot (SO MUCH) in her short, 1-year-old life, and I'm amazed she's as wonderful, and sweet, as she is.

Adopting Piglet has taught me so much about love and patience and being kind to yourself.

Love you, my love.

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