June 13, 2019

The Same Mistake

I keep making the same mistake.

Announcing to the world that I'm back to blogging, then making the decision to move right afterwards and disappearing.

In 2017, I said I was back and introduced Piglet.

Then decided to move across the country to San Francisco.

Piglet riding shotgun as we drove from NYC to SF.

It's why it took me 16 months to get back to blogging.

Settling into our new life, developing new habits, working long hours at a job (me), and playing all day at the beach (Piglet) took us 16 months to figure out.

But we did and I promised myself I'd get back to blogging.

And I announced it to the world.

And then I decided to move again (albeit just apartments this time).

After a frantic apartment search, Piglet and I changed neighborhoods and moved into a one bedroom apartment with a den and a yard for much less rent than I was paying for a small studio in a "more desirable" neighborhood. And we're much happier for it.

So really, I am back to writing, blogging, and maybe even drawing and photographing.

Now let's hope I don't decide to move again and disappear for awhile.

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