April 15, 2014


I had family visiting from Taiwan this past summer and it was glorious.

My aunt, her sons, and one of their friends came.

We had a really full house in our teeny tiny home.

And I enjoyed every minute of it.

My cousins, whom I've diapered and bathed and burped, were born when I was in junior high.

They are now teenagers.


I can't believe it.


The older one, let's call him Jessica, because it amuses me, moved here last summer to start his first year of college.


This is Jessica.
He looks like an exact replica of his father.

He's just a baby, how is he going to college?

My younger cousin, whom I dub Coralina, is a couple of grades behind.

Pretty soon, he'll be going to college too.

I'm not going to think about that.

Jessica and Coralina's friend came along to spend the summer in New York City too.

They insisted I call him Joanna.

So Joanna it is.

Have you ever had a house full of teenage boys?

Let me tell you what these teenage boys were like.

"I'm going to work on my muscles."

I thought Jessica meant he wanted
biceps or a six pack.

"I don't want a six pack."

"I want an eight pack."

"I already have 7 pieces right now,
I'm working  on the 8th. Want to see?"


I do not want to see.

I do not want to see the abs of babies I've wiped poop from.

On another occasion, I picked up Jessica from an outing with his friends to see Man of Steel.

I asked him how the movie was and this was his review:

"It was okay, but the male protagonist
was so hot even I had a crush."

Ah, Jessica, one thing we have in common: Henry Cavill is hot.

Coralina, on the other hand, was a different sort of teenage boy:

Can you see why I enjoyed my summer?

Who wouldn't want this in their lives?

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