September 10, 2015

[TBT] How to pick up a girl, Tip #3

Today's TBT post is very apropos since I was reminded just last night of how much I hate walking by myself in NYC sometimes because of the street harassment.

I got proposed to last night as I was walking home and my answer was to walk quickly away.

I'm only brave against street harassers during the day.

The below happened one day as I was leaving dance class and incidents like this used to happen to me fairly often. Thank goodness the frequency has died down and I hope it stays that way.

Friday, September 30, 2011
How to pick up a girl, Tip #3

Sometimes I forget I'm Asian.

Until I'm reminded again, when a guy comes up to me and says Konnichiwa.

And then I'm like, Wrong country, Asshole.

And then he's like, You're not Japanese?

And then I'm like, No.

And then he's like, Korean? Annyeonghaseyo.

And then I'm like, What?

And then he's like, NO WAY, YOU'RE NOT KOREAN?

(Like that's the most shocking thing in the world. You were wrong the first time, Buddy. Please, let's continue playing this Guess My Race game 'cause it's sooooooo much fun. Stop keeping me in suspense here. I need to know what race I am!)

And then I shake my head No and start to walk away, which is what I should've done in the first place when he said hello. In Japanese.

At which point, he starts shouting behind me, Neih Hou, I got it! You're Chinese! You gotta be Chinese!

Close, Buddy, real close.
But it's too late.
Three strikes and you're out.

And, Really? Do you Really want to date a girl who uses Like in every sentence she says?

The next time this happens, I think I'm going to respond with Hell-No Whitebread. Or, Hell-No Blackbread. Or, Hell-No Brownbread. Or, ... You get the picture.

Disclaimer: This doesn't mean that I mind talking about my race/culture/heritage whilst in a conversation. If you have a question, if you're curious about something, ask.

I welcome that.

Just don't do this to me when I'm walking down the street. Or as the first thing you say to me when I meet you. 'Cause it makes me want to slap you. Really hard.

I was a little livid after this encounter happened and it still makes me angry every time something like this occurs but at least, a reader at the time thought my rant was funny.

I'll take my positives any way I can get them.

How about you? Have you ever been harassed on the street? How do you handle it?

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