August 13, 2015

[TBT] New House with Bad Drawings

If you guys read my last TBT post, you'd know that I used to have a blog called Monkey Whimsy. I was reading through some of my old posts today and laughed out loud because I'd forgotten that I used to draw with markers and paper, then scan the pictures in for my posts. Now, I have more advanced technology -- my index finger and my phone -- to aid me in my drawing adventures.

So, things have improved a bit.


For Throwback Thursday today, here's another one of my favorite posts from the old blog.

Monday, June 13, 2011
New House with Bad Drawings

My family bought a new house:

Yes, it is green.

And in case you were wondering if it's my bad drawing skills making my house look this ugly, or if in reality, it really is this ugly, the answer is this:
It's even uglier.

The shingles are green, the door is green, the fence is green.


You can't even see where the front door is for all the green.
I guess that is a good deterrent against robbers.

At least it's better than if everything were red:

Or purple:
Actually, the purple is growing on me.

The house is also not house-shaped:
I guess whoever built the house in the 1920s thought a triangular-shaped green house would look too much like a tree.

And confuse the birds.

We don't want this happening:
The neighbor's house is house-shaped though:
But it is not green.

It is brown but I don't have a brown marker.

My box of markers is deficient.

Use your imagination.

They've got green bushes though.

We do not have green bushes.

We have a green house:

This post also made me smile because I realized that my sister's comments on it were the very first ones I ever received on Monkey Whimsy:

At first glance, this comment might seem lovely.

But then you think about the word "actually" and you realize what my sister really meant was:
Janice, you're usually NOT funny and cute, but this post is, and it surprised me. Congratulations!

Thank you, Tiffany.

Thank you for making me realize -- four years later -- what you really think of my sense of humor and adorableness.


I love you.

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