October 27, 2015

Shopping vs Exercising. Or, Hate vs Laziness

My natural state of being.

A few weeks ago, I started a new job where I have to wear conservative suits to work every day.

Since I didn't have any, I came up with the brilliant idea of going shopping with my mom.

Because I hate shopping.

My mama hates it, too. On opposite day.

This meant I could be lazy and just stand in the dressing room while my mama handed me things to try.

It was like having my own personal shopping assistant except it was my mom so we're going to call it mother-daughter bonding time.

After trying on a couple of ill-fitting suits, my mom mentions that she has a couple of suits she doesn't wear anymore and that I could have them.

And I said: Why didn't you tell me this sooner?

She then followed it up with: It might be a tad small on you. But, you could just go to the gym some more!

You might have noticed that Asians have no filter when it comes to family.

I pondered that thought for a moment:

Because as you all know:

I can be quite lazy.

But, the choices were:

Continue shopping.

And trying on clothes for who knows how long.

Or, exercising.

It was a hard decision.

My lazy side really wanted to win the internal debate.

And do neither.

But, alas.

Guess which side won?

Exercise did.

Because that's how much I hate shopping.

This might be one of the few times my extreme laziness did not win.

How about you? Which side would've won for you?

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