October 29, 2015

[TBT] My Sneakers

This will be the last post from the Monkey Whimsy archives for Throwback Thursday.

It's been wonderful sharing these old posts with you, I hope you've enjoyed them!

The entry below is one of my absolute favorites.

Because it's about my One True Love.


Sneakers, to be precise.

They're my spirit animal.

If sneakers were animals.

Recently, I had to throw out the pair that inspired this post.

That was heartbreaking.

I wore those babies until they were holey on the bottom.

That seems to be a trend with me.

Good thing I still have the opposite pair left.

I hope they last forever and that we live happily ever after.

A girl can dream, right?

Monday, September 16, 2013
My Sneakers

These are my shoes.

I bought two pairs of Adidas last year and switched the right foot.

Or, was it the left foot?

I was hoping to get a purple and yellow combination going but no such luck.

People often stop me and ask if my sneakers came like that or if I made them that way.

Now you know.

I often get stared at on the subway.

I'm never sure if it's my sneakers or something else.

Which is why I always make sure to have a piece of vegetable lodged between my teeth.

Sometimes, I'll match my socks to my sneakers instead of to each other.

Who says you have to wear matching socks?

Or match anything at all?

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