November 13, 2015

It's My Birthday!!

Today's Friday the 13th.

That means it's my birthday!

These are my bgirls.

A photo posted by @kait_e_k on

I love them so.

Since I couldn't celebrate with them on the day of (because my family is throwing me a party) or on the weekend (because we're celebrating my cousin's birthday on Saturday...there are a lot of birthdays this time of year in my family), we decided to hang a couple of days before.

We went to karaoke.

What I really wanted to do was bungee-jump.

Because I've decided that this year is going to be my year of terrifying pursuits.

But karaoke seemed the more plausible option to propose to my friends for a get-together.

And, to make it more palatable to me, I suggested Disney karaoke.

But, this is what happened instead:

A video posted by yang janice (@yang.janice) on

A video posted by yang janice (@yang.janice) on

I had a blast.

Then we went out for burgers -- 'cause that's our tradition -- afterwards, where we took approximately 6,982 selfies to try and get one acceptable picture. The evidence is above.

Today, so far, for my birthday, my family has given me:

The task to pick up my own birthday cake after work.

Thanks, Family.

My dad also texted me at 2:50 in the morning.

My sister texted me at 1:23 in the morning.

I am not sure what it says about my fam that they text me birthday wishes when they know I'LL BE ASLEEP.

Granted, my sister is in California. She probably forgot to do the math.

Or, did they want me to wake up pleasantly surprised?

This was the text my dad sent me:

("Precious daughter,
during the quiet, early morning of this long night, I whisper to you:
Happy Birthday!")

To which, I replied:

And, this is what my dad wrote back:


Okay, Dad?



I love my family.

And friends.

I'm a lucky girl.

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