November 25, 2015

RIP, Gym Shirt, RIP

This is my favorite gym shirt.

It's big and soft and gray.

And, has a hole in the middle somewhere.

But, I forgot to draw that in.

It's also very comfortable to move around in.

Which is why it was my favorite dance shirt, back when I was able to dance.

During one of my sweaty sessions last week, I noticed that I was getting lots of weird looks.

I was puzzled by it, but not too worried, and just smiled back and ignored it.

Until I happened to glance down at myself while I was in push-up position.

My boobs were on full display to everyone across the room.

And, my hot pink sports bra wasn't doing anything to help the situation.

Apparently, the neckline of my big, roomie shirt had gotten even bigger and roomier and I hadn't noticed.

And apparently, I was wearing a sports bra that was the wrong size cause the breasteses were falling out of it.

I might as well have been planking in the nude.


Basically, what my shirt looked like.

Versus what I THOUGHT my shirt looked like.

I guess my blood, sweat, and tears are working?

Goodbye, Favorite Gym Shirt.

You are being retired.


This happens to everyone, right? Tell me your embarrassing gym/workout stories!

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