May 20, 2015

Mac & Cheese. And My Sister.

Tiffany and I are 16 months apart.

That means when our college years arrived, we overlapped by two years.

Our campuses were conveniently 12 miles away from each other so we often got to hang out together.

One day, during Tiffany's first year of college, I get a call from her:

So, of course, the "next time" turns out to be the next day. Because who waits on the promise of free and delicious food?

I arrive at Tiffany's dorm and we head down to one of the kitchens where I'm giddy with excitement, wondering what magic my sister will wield over a dorm kitchen to produce the BEST mac & cheese. And because I have faith in my sister, I believe this mac & cheese will make my taste buds rejoice, my palate sing, and my mouth die of ecstasy.

In short, I am expecting this mac & cheese to change my life.

I might've had high hopes.

So, we're in the kitchen, Tiffany rummages around in her basket of supplies and guess WHAT she whips out.

In case you've never had the pleasure of consuming an Easy Mac snack packet, you pour the contents into a bowl, add water, microwave, and add the cheese sauce.

This was what my sister meant by making the BEST mac & cheese.

And, she had a whole box of 'em.

My anticipation might have set the bar a little too high.

I should've known Tiffany's "making" meant "microwaving."

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