May 7, 2015

[TBT] A Photo Story for James: Hippo Adventures

For Throwback Thursday, I thought it'd be fun to share a post from a predecessor blog I used to have called Monkey Whimsy. It's where I first started drawing, taking pictures, and telling photo-stories. I stopped blogging on it for a variety of reasons, one of which was time, but wanted to share one of my favorite posts from the past. The following is from January 22, 2011 and was meant as a thank you to my friend for her gift. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011
A Photo Story for James: Hippo Adventures

My friend, James, visited me a few years ago with her boyfriend, Brianne, and threatened to send me a hippo in gratitude for chauffeuring them around NYC. I didn't believe her until a few weeks later when I checked my mailbox and lo and behold, a hippo was in my post.

He is a very cute hippo.
He is also a very pink hippo.
Thank you, James and Brianne, for my hippo.

I love him so much that sometimes, I bring him to work with me.
He doesn't like work.

Sometimes I find Hippo doing this.

What do you think he's doing? Surely not to get a view of the outside.
I mean I know we're stuck indoors for 8.5 hours straight but it's not like it's PRISON, right?


Hey, how did you get up there?

They really need to start hippo-locking the windows at work.

I mean it, you get down here right now!

Uh oh.



Oops. Don't worry, he's okay. He's just being dramatic.

Sometimes we play after work.
And by play I mean eat.

Hippo likes to eat, too. Look at him staring at my noodle bowl.

As usual he gets himself into pretty precarious situations.

And also like me, Hippo likes hot sauce.

Awww, look at him trying to get his tiny paws on the hot sauce.

I think he's exhausted from his exertions.

Ready for bed, Hippo?

Isn't he cute when he's all tucked into bed like that?

Good night, don't let the bed bugs bite.

Get back into bed, Hippo.

Where are you going? Hip-po!!

Okay, fine. We'll read The Little Prince once more and then it's bed for you, mister.

Are we almost done now?

Finally, in bed. The day's done.

Only to be repeated again the next day.

Complete with more window staring.

And plans of escape.

Or maybe, Hippo is just staring at his reflection in the window. He can be quite narcissistic sometimes.

And the day wouldn't be complete without Hippo trying to get in on the food action.
Good luck, Hippo, good luck trying.

The end.

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