May 29, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

My friend, Erin, and I decided to go on a little roadtrip this past Memorial Day Weekend and our plan was to drive to Montreal after hitting the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

We were really looking forward to taking a little break from our NYC lives.

I'm so excited!

Montreal is going to be amazing!

But, three hours into our drive, we hit a little hiccup:

Oops, Erin, I forgot my passport.

Oops, Janice, I forgot my passport.

Oops, we're not going to Montreal.

Then, ever the optimists, Erin and I thought there was a possibility we didn't need our passports to cross the border.

And, we were right, passports aren't required to enter Canada.

We just wouldn't have been able to come back into the United States without them.

It's the tiny, important details that foil us.

At least we forgot our passports together?

It would've been awkward if only one of us left it at home.

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