August 19, 2015

How I Draw or Used to Draw

I'm excited.

I got something in the mail this week.

And it is going to make my life so much easier.

At least I hope so.

This post might bore some people.

You see, I've been asked enough times about what I use to draw that I thought I'd write a post about it.

So, if you're not interested, stop here and please come back another day.

I'll have an even more boring post for you to consume tomorrow.

Anyway, back to my excitement.

And, how I draw.

See this finger?

And this phone?

That's how I draw.

Utilizing the Sketchbook app.

It's a very sophisticated set-up.

But, it was painstakingly slow.

Now, I have this stylus:

To replace my finger in the process.

Which will make me faster. I think.

And more prolific. I think.

I initiated my stylus into the family with the drawings in this post.

Honestly, I miss the contact with the surface of my phone.

But I know it's just a matter of time (and practice) before I get used to it.

And, that's it! That's how I (used to) draw.

When I have enough dolla dolla bill y'all, I'll get more advanced accoutrements and draw like real people do.

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