August 26, 2015

Patient Zero, Part II

I may have been wrong about the zombie apocalypse but I wasn't wrong about being patient zero.

I started a mini epidemic in my family.

After coming back from Florida, everyone who was on the road trip started getting sick.

Probably because I'm an inconsiderate person.

I was coughing and hacking in a tightly enclosed space.

With six other people around.

'Cause we were in a minivan.

I think my Aunt Kynthos was the only one who got away unscathed.

Then we came back and the roadtrippers mingled with other people in my family.

And, they started coughing, too.

I am the worst person ever.

I know.

To my contagion tree, mea culpa:

Somewhere in there, my cousin Jessica's girlfriend also got sick but I couldn't fit another person on my chart.

My illness is more powerful than my drawing capabilities.

In related news, everyone is all better but I'm still coughing.



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